TOPAS A.A.T. for Trade as well!

We can bring you into contact with clients or suppliers, but we can do your purchasing and/or sales for you as well.

TOPAS A.A.T. has years of experience in the paper and packaging materials market, and can find clients or suppliers for any product, with the right price/quality ratio. But TOPAS A.A.T. buys and sells too.

Do you have something to sell, but you do not want to enter the market yourself? We will buy your stock at a reasonable price and will take care of everything: TOPAS A.A.T. buys your stock and finds suitable clients for it.

Are you interested in specific paper or packaging materials, but you do not want to explore the market yourself? And you want to buy from a reliable supplier who knows the market inside out and will offer you a good quality at a reasonable price? TOPAS A.A.T. will find and supply you the products you need.

Other activities
TOPAS A.A.T. offers complete solutions for all paper and packaging needs. We can act as your representative, as your intermediary and we can give advice and do research in the field of paper and packaging materials (click here for more information). TOPAS A.A.T. has the solution!