Welcome to TOPAS Agencies, Advice and Trade. TOPAS A.A.T. is your contact for all paper and packaging materials, from tissue paper to cardboard. For specialty processing and finishing too.

TOPAS A.A.T. is your contact for paper and packaging materials from various suppliers. Click here for a complete list of our agencies.

Advice, Research and Intermediary
TOPAS A.A.T. can help you with all your packaging needs. We do research and give advice in the field of purchasing, sales and marketing of paper and packaging materials. Should you be interested in products from other suppliers throughout the world, TOPAS A.A.T. can be of assistance too. As your intermediary we can bring you into contact with the supplier and take care of any activities involved. Click here for more information.

TOPAS A.A.T. for trade as well; TOPAS A.A.T. is your supplier for all paper and packaging materials. Click here for more information on our Trade activities.

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